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Programme for 2018

Chatteris Music Society strive at all times to bring high quality music to our town. We are determined to maintain the very high standard we have set ourselves and have secured the artists listed below for our 2018 season. We believe this programme will delight our members and the guests they bring to our events.

Tickets for the concerts below may be booked by phone - 01354 669104/694833, purchased from 
Elizabeth's Florist, High Street, Chatteris, PE16 6BE or from Greetings Ltd, 3 High Street, March, PE15 9JA, or through this web site via the Contact Us page.  

Sun Feb 25th.     The Annual General Meeting of the Society will
                           be held in the King Edward Centre in Chatteris, 
                            and will start at 3pm. Business will be followed by 
                            music and afternoon tea. 

                            This year that very talented local artist Margo Banks
                            will provide her brand of musical entertainment for
                            us. Margo is making a return visit to us, she has
                            played for the Society before and we are so pleased
                            she has agreed to come along again.


Sat April 14th.     The acclaimed Apollo5 a cappella quintet will
                             perform for us tonight. They deliver a wide
                             ranging repertoire which includes retro classical 
                             to jazz. Their arrangements are truly unique and 
                             their voices are a pure delight both individually
                             and in beautiful harmony.                                             

                             The concert will start at 7.30 pm.

                             Tickets £12.50 pre-booked, £15 at the door. 


Sat June 30th    The Julian Bliss Quintet will perform for us 
                           this evening. Their performance is expected to
                           include music by Benny Goodman and George 
                           Gershwin and will therefore showcase some of
                           the best tunes of that byegone era inspiring 
                           authenticity with their own modern twist.

This is Tin-Pan Alley music at its best.   

                           The performance starts at 7.30 pm.

                           Tickets £12.50 pre-booked, £15 at the door.


Sat Sep 15th.    An  Enchanting  Nostalgic Music Hall Evening
  ong sheetThe Music Hall was a British form of entertainment that
                         was highly successful for around three quarters of a century.
                         The Chatteris Music Society is delighted to present a  very 
                         special concert – taking us back to the good old days of the 
                         Music Hall.
                         Adam Borzone, the Chairman of the British Music Hall 
                         Society created and produced tonight's extravaganza 
                         especially for us bringing together some of the best 
                         entertainers who excel in reviving this lost art-form.

                         The performance will include the humour of the time 
                         and deliver the happy and sad songs reflecting life in 
                         those days.
                        Audience participation, while not compulsory, will be 
                        extremely welcome as will be any attempt at dressing in 
                        the style of the day (early 1900s).

                       Song sheets will be provided for the sing-along numbers.o
n, while not compulsory, will be extremely welcome g-
                       This performance will commence at 7.30 pm.
                             Tickets £12.50 pre-booked, £15 at the door.


Julian Bliss
Old Time Music Hall
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